Sunday, September 29, 2013

Weekly Update September 30, 2013

This week has gone by pretty quickly! Time is just passing by faster and faster!

This week was pretty similar to last. Mostly spent time out and about tracting and talking to people on the street looking for people to teach. We had the opportunity to teach a Filipino man named Dado this week. He says he meets with the Jehovah Witnesses every now and them and that he enjoys learning about religion. When we first met him, about a fortnight ago, we left him a pamphlet about the restoration. He read it. He said that he has had the Mormon missionaries around before to talk about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. He says they gave him a Book of Mormon, and that he reads it from time to time. He also said that that was all that they shared with him in the past. We started talking with him about what he believes God's plan for us is. He started talking about things that we teach in the Plan of Salvation. I think he's met with missionaries more than he lets on because things he talked about are things I know the JWs don't teach! It will be exciting to see where things go with him.

On Saturday afternoon, the Redcliffe elders, Powelson and Grayson, had a baptism. The man they baptized, Alex, is a really great guy! Powelson and Lao started teaching him about 3 months ago when he just showed up at church one Sunday, looking for  a change in his life. He has really changed a lot in these last 3 months. I have enjoyed hearing from them about Alex's improvement, and seeing the change in his countenance at church every week has been awesome. I had the opportunity to teach him with one of the Redcliffe elders a couple of times, and his knowledge and understanding of the gospel is amazing! It was also really great to see him overcome his very strong addiction to smoking.

Well, I hope everybody has a great week and enjoys conference!

Elder Rosier

In my letter to Ross I told him how fall weather had finally arrived here in Utah.  Of course, for Ross the opposite is true.  He wrote me the following:

It's starting to heat up here. Temperature each day varies, but it's been getting up into the low 30's (High 80's to low 90's F) most days. And it's super humid. I am not looking forward to summer. I'm kinda hoping for a transfer to somewhere further south of where I am right now. I think we have two areas down in northern New South Wales....maybe there would be cooler? Fingers crossed. After last summer in Mount Isa, I think I've earned a cool summer.

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