Sunday, September 8, 2013

Weekly Update September 9, 2013

Hello again everybody!

What a quick week this was! Elder Tobe and I were hard a work this week finding people to teach! We started visiting members' homes and leaving a brief message, and then knocking the doors of the houses around their homes. It worked very well for us in some areas. We were able to ask "do you know any Mormons?" and when people would answer "no" we would point to the member's house and say, "Your neighbour is a Mormon!" That got a mix of responses, but usually "oh, I don't know my neighbours very well." That's a pretty typical thing here; nobody knows their neighbours.

We were able to meet with Sebastian a few times this week. We have finalized most of the details for his baptism this Saturday evening. He is doing very well and seems really excited! We also have come to learn that his father is a less-active member! Fair dinkum! (that one's for Grandpa :))

As far as interesting experiences go for this week, I really don't have anything to report. Sorry that this is so short!

Love you all!

Elder Rosier

These are photos of Ross and Elder Lao with an old Rolls Royce. He said, "What a beautiful car.!"

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