Sunday, September 1, 2013

Weekly Update September 2, 2013

Ross sent this picture to us with the caption, "For you Best 2 Years fans out there..." I'm curious about two things. First, do you think there are pictures of girls behind the three pictures hanging on the back wall? And, do you want to bet that Ross is probably the only one that needs to shave every day?


G'day everyone!

Yesterday marked the end of a long week! For the first 5 days of the week, Elder Tobe and I experienced nothing but appointments falling through. Running from one place to another experiencing it again and again. It was rather frustrating! But disappointments happen. It's just a part of being a missionary. However, during the last few days of the week, we were able to make our appointments and have good experiences at them. We solidified Sebastian's baptismal date for the 14th of this month. He is doing fantastic! He really loves reading the Book of Mormon. When we met with him on Saturday he said, "I have never been able to read a book before. I'll get a few chapters into it and just lose interest. I really enjoy the Book of Mormon. I love reading it." He is really on fire. It's such a blessing that he has a wonderful family fellowshipping him. They are his best friend's family. They are very supportive and helpful to him. He is a perfect example of how sharing the gospel with our friends and supporting them works.

We have continued to tract in North Lakes this week. We are finding marginal success. I imagine as we continue here that we will find the success we are looking for. The area has so much potential. The whole suburb has come about in the last 5 years. It is beautiful! Apparently it is rated as one of the top neighbourhoods in Australia. I think it is the nicest and prettiest town I have served in on my mission.

This past Sunday was Father's day here in Australia. I would like to express my love and gratitude I have for my father and my grandfather. I am ever grateful for the example they have been for me! I love you both very much! And I am grateful to be following in my grandfather's footsteps as a missionary in Australia!

Speaking of this past Sunday, I have and experience I have to share: As Elder Tobe and I were at the beach front talking with people, we came across a little 7-year-old boy who was completely in tears. When he saw us, he waved to us, and we waved back. He came up to us and told us he was lost; he couldn't remember where his house was. He told us what street he lived on, and we had him follow us there. He only lived about 500 meters away, but I think he got confused because the neighbourhood by the beach looks the same on every street. I'm glad we were in the right place to help him. Maybe when he's older and missionaries come to talk to him on the street he will remember the help he got from us.

Thank you all again for your love and support. Love you all!

Elder Rosier

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