Monday, March 31, 2014

Weekly Update March 31, 2014

Hello again everyone!

This was a very long week for Elder 'Iongi and I! Nothing slows time down like throwing you into a new area where you know nobody in the ward and have no idea who you're suppose to be teaching. Fortunately, we're up for the challenge.

The first major obstacle we had to get over this week was the area book we received from the sisters.  For those of you who don't know what an "area book" is, it is the book that missionaries keep all of their records from time and all eternity in.  This includes the teaching records of the investigators.  Obviously, this is the first place you look for your teaching pool when you come into an area.  The obstacle we've had to tackle was this: the area book was unorganized, and the sisters we took over from didn't keep the last three months worth of records in the area book.  So now we have no idea who we are teaching.  Fortunately, one of our investigators came to church on Sunday.  Her name is Lynne.  We don't know anything about her, but we are seeing her this week.  I am grateful that the other sisters in the ward pointer her out to us.

The second obstacle we have to overcome is not knowing any of our members.  We're tackling this one this transfer.  That will be taken care of as we meet with the members and talk to them at church.

I am liking the Clevland ward.  It's a much larger ward than Capalaba.  It's also much more social.  The members are really friendly, and I look forward to working with them. (Ross told me in my letter that the Capalaba ward was formed out of the Clevland ward.)

Aside from going over the records and meeting members, we spent most of our time tracting this week.  We found a lot of people who have invited us back.  No doubt in a few weeks we'll have much to do.

I love you all!
Elder Rosier

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