Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Weekly Update March 25, 2014

Hello once again, friends and family!

Today is our transfer day.  It's been a bit of a shock.  Elder 'Iongi and I are still together.  I will be finishing him off.  We have both been "transferred" to a new ward.  We are in the Clevland ward now.  The swapped us with two of the sister missionaries serving in the Clevland ward, so now Capalaba and Clevland wards each have a set of Elders and a set of Sisters.  I am excited for the new areas, but gutted that I didn't find out until today that I was being moved.  We have formed some really good relationships with many people here in the Capalaba ward, people who were really helping us out.  I am sad to be transferred so suddenly.

That's really the biggest highlight from this week.  Elder 'Iongi and I had a rather generic week.  We were able to have lessons with Maria and Amy.  They're both reading the Book of Mormon and praying.  I think that they'll do well with the sister missionaries working with them.  It will be interesting whitewashing an area now.  That's not an experience I've had on my mission.  I hope that we're able to work well alongside the members in the Clevland ward.

We took Paul his large-print Book of Mormon this week.  He was very grateful for it.  He said he'll read it for sure.  He wants to start in 3rd Nephi because that's where Jesus Christ appears to the Nephites.  I hope that he is able to continue to feel the spirit testify to him that the church is true.  Fortunately, one of the sister missionaries coming to the area is American. That will be good when it comes to working with Linda.  She does love the American missionaries she's met, even if she's not too fond of the church.

I hope you all have a good week.  I love you all!

Elder Rosier

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