Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Weekly Update December 2, 2013

Hello once again everybody,

I hope that everyone was able to have a wonderful Thanksgiving. I must admit that I really missed it this year. Fortunately for us Elders in the Darling Heights ward, we were able to have a Thanksgiving dinner with a family here who has lived in the States before and knew what it was all about. The feed was fantastic: they pulled out all the stops for us. Along with the usual Thansgiving spread we had a couple of Australian additions. It was a good time.

Elder McIntyre and I had a good week this week. We had some pretty big miracles this week. On Wednesday night, we received a call from a man named Shaun. Shaun is a less-active member from the Gold Coast, but his wife (I think they're separated) and children live here in Toowoomba. He was working for a couple of days up here when his baby daughter got really sick, so he called the missionaries in the Gold Coast for a number to contact missionaries here. He asked if we could come give his daughter a blessing. We came to where he was staying right away, and gave her a blessing. After we gave the blessing, we were able to talk to the family he was staying with. They were Sudanese. They asked us if we would bless their house for them, since we were servants of God. We did, and they were very grateful. We asked if we can return to visit them another time, and they said yes. We left them our number, and a flier for our ward Christmas party. We will hopefully be seeing them this week, if not next. We also left Shaun with our number, in case he or his wife needed a hand with anything. The next morning, Shaun's wife, Candace, called us and asked if we could help her get ready for a housing inspection she had coming up. We went over and spent the morning helping her. While I was mowing the lawn, she chatted with Elder McIntyre. Candace isn't a member of the church, but has been exposed to if for a long time. She said she would like us to come back around and teach her more about the church. The, before we left, she said she knew people who needed the gospel in their lives as well.

On Friday, the sister missionaries in Toowoomba ward referred us to a group of Sudanese refugees who said they would like to hear about the church. We saw them Saturday, and we are going to acquire some materials in Arabic for them, and then visit them in the next week or so.

Sunday night, the town had a big carol sing-along in the park. It was a blast! We went and attended with some of our ward members, and it was a fantastic opportunity to talk with people about the gospel. It was fun to hear everybody singing along to the Christmas carols. It is fortunate that religion plays such a major role here in Toowoomba. The concert last night, while it had some commercial Christmas songs, had a big focus on Christmas being a celebration of Christ's birth.

After Santa made his appearance, the program became very focused on the nativity. I honestly dont believe that would have been a big part of a program like that if it had happened in any other part of the mission. It was really awesome.

Well, that was our week this week. Love you all!

Elder Rosier

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