Monday, December 9, 2013

Weekly Update December 8, 2013

G'day everyone!

Busy week for us here in Darling Heights! I am grateful to continue to see miracles each day as we go out to work. 

We had our first discussion with Candice on Thursday. We invited Brother and Sister Rota--two of our ward members who are very anxious to do some missionary work--to come with us. I have to admit that they are probably the best members I have used to fellowship investigators on my entire mission! We had a  very good discussion with Candice about how the gospel blesses our families. We invited her to start reading from the Book of Mormon, and invited her to attend church with us on Sunday. She wasn't sure if she could make it to church. However, she and her children were able to attend the Toowoomba ward on Sunday afternoon. They had a good experience there. We are looking forward to meeting with her again this week.

On Friday, the four of us missionaries went and tracted a neighborhood together. (we called it j-dubbing since you always see them out door-knocking in packs of 4 or more). We did a trade-off, and I went with Elder Palemene while McIntyre and Pickett went together. They were let into the first house they knocked on to teach about the gospel. Elder McIntyre told me that the couple they met were very receptive, and invited us back. We will seeing them this week as well.

I am grateful for the blessings that we are receiving each week. Thank you again for all your support. 

Elder Rosier

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