Monday, May 12, 2014

Weekly Update May 1, 2014

Hello again everybody!

I am sorry that there was no letter last week.  We had a few things stand in the way of us emailing last week. I'll be sure to include the highlights from the last two weeks.

14-20 April 2014

This week had a major unexpected event: I had vertigo! It was not fun.  I woke up on Tuesday morning feeling a bit dizzy.  I figured I'd be able to push through it, so I did.  We were able to get a lot done during the day, but in the evening I'd had enough.  I knew I needed to rest, so I had Elder 'Iongi call our ward mission leader and cancel splits, and we went back to the house so I could rest.  I figured I would be alright in the morning.  However, I was WRONG!  When I woke up the next morning, I could hardly see straight.  Everything was moving, and I felt like I was going to fall over every time I stood up.  We went to the doctor, and I was diagnosed with a viral infection in my inner ear.  The doctor gave me a prescription for some tablets. Fortunately with the tablets and some rest I was feeling just good enough to attend our interviews with the mission president the next day.  That's all I had for energy on Thursday.  By Friday I was alright.  On Saturday I was able to go on trade offs with the Zone Leaders.  I went to their area with Elder Huka, who is from California.  He's a great guy.  Both of our Zone Leaders are awesome.  I had a good time in their area.  There are four Elders in that ward, and the four of us spent most of the day working together.  It was a good experience.

(In Ross' letter to me, he indicated that he and Elder 'Iongi had spent most of their P-Day at the hospital waiting to give a member a blessing.  That is why he was unable to send home an update for that week.)

21-27 April 2014

Pretty slow week for Elder 'Iongi and I.  Spent most of the week finding because our teaching pool isn't very big at the moment.  We dropped Belinda.  Apparently she has a carer.  The carer told us that she doesn't understand what she's getting herself into, so we're not allowed to visit.  I'm not too sure how honest or accurate that is, but we aren't going to risk a legal issue.  This week Elder DeMille came down with some horrible bug.  He was vomiting throughout the night and had diarrhea pretty bad.  He was down the next day.  I stayed home with him on one of the evenings he was sick, and caught it from him.  Mine wasn't nearly as bad.  I got sick on Friday; I had a massive headache, and a mild fever.  Through the night and part of the next day I had really bad diarrhea.  On Saturday I got my hands on some really good anti-diarrhea meds and I was back to work a few hours later.  Elder Tarati and Elder 'Iongi have both caught it to some extent.  One of the sisters in our district also came down with the same bug.  We're all better now.

So far this week has been really good.  Elder 'Iongi pushed hard on Monday and Tuesday.  We spent yesterday saying goodbye to some people in Capalaba.  On Monday we did go see Paul Groundwater so 'Iongi could say goodbye.  I do miss meeting with that man.  Elder 'Iongi left to the mission home today.  He'll be home this time tomorrow.  I really enjoyed serving with him. Hopefully my next companion will be a good one.  I will be in a three-way companionship with Tarati and DeMille until the transfer meeting on Tuesday.

Love you all very much!  Until next time,

Elder Rosier

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