Monday, October 21, 2013

Weekly Update October 21, 2013

G'day everyone!

What a week this has been! After two weeks of spending most of our time tracting, Elder McIntyre and I are finally reaping some of the rewards of our efforts. One of the biggest miracles that we have witnessed this week was the last 3 days of the week, we didn't tract into anyone who was very rude to us! This week we were able to find 2 people to teach, and we also found a less-active member who isn't on our records.

The first person we found is an elderly lady named Maggie. She is in her 80s, and is active in the Uniting Church. She is mostly interested to learn the differences between our faiths. She is very kind a sweet to us.

The second one we found was also a miracle. While we were out tracting yesterday (Sunday) evening, we found a lady named Kayleen. She was the last door we knocked on before going to our tea appointment. When she opened the door she immediately said "It seems every time something goes bad in my life, somebody from a church knocks on my door." We were able to share with her about the book of Mormon and the power of prayer. She accepted a Book of Mormon and said she will read it. We see her again on Wednesday.

On Saturday, the two wards in town (Toowoomba ward, and Darling Heights ward) sponsored a community family activity. It was a lot of fun and gave us missionaries a good opportunity to talk to people about the church. Unfortunately, Elder McIntyre and I didn't get any teaching appointments from it.

On Sunday I had the opportunity to speak in church. Elder Pickett (one of the other missionaries in the ward) me, and the ward mission leader spoke on missionary work. When I was preparing for my talk I felt prompted that I needed to focus on encouraging the ward to focus on the Work of Salvation, rather than encourage them to tell their friends about the gospel (as is the usual talk you hear from missionaries). I was able to share with them personal experiences I have had in participating with wards in focusing on the work of salvation. I honestly can say I have never felt myself speaking so powerfully to a group of people as I did yesterday. 

Well, that is all I have for this week. Once again, I love you all!

Elder Rosier

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