Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Weekly Update June 4, 2013

Hello again!

This has been a very sad weekend for me. On Saturday night I received a phone call from the APs that I was to be transferred back down to Brisbane on Monday night. I have been very sad to leave the tiny Mount Isa branch. I don't think I've ever loved a ward/branch of the church like I have the members of Mount Isa. I am grateful that I received 2 days notice that I was to be transferred. It allowed me to pack and see all the people who I wanted to see before I went back to the city. 

Sunday night, the families we hold FHE with--the Mayors/Matekeitis and Tuwairuas--gave me a really good send-off. I was able to get photos with many of the branch members. On Monday evening, the Mayors, Sister Tuwairua, and some of our investigators all came to the airport to see me off. It took all I had in me to not breakdown in tears when I left them. I am really going to miss Mount Isa. Hopefully I'll be able to return one day.

Monday night, around 930, the plane landed in Brisbane. I was picked up by the APs, Elders Hapoate and Elder Caby. It was an interesting night staying with them. Elder Hapoate is a professional (and rather famous) rugby league player from New South Wales, and Elder Caby is a Frenchman who is good at being French. I admit I don't know much about Elder Caby. I knew Elder Hapoate when he was the ZL in Logan Zone. 

Despite being sad that I have left Mount Isa, I am excited to start here in Deception Bay. The ward, Redcliffe Ward, I am told is the best ward in the mission for missionary work. My companion told me we do trade-offs 3 nights a week. President Langeland told me that the ward has 90% home teaching, which is amazing. Unfortunately, Australian wards aren't known for having the highest home teaching. There are 4 of us in Redcliffe ward; 2 missionaries in the Redcliffe area, and 2 in Deception Bay.

Well, that's all for this week. I hope all is well with you back home. Thank you for all you support.


Elder Rosier

In his email to his mom, Ross said:

"I am back in Brisbane now. I am in an area north of the city called Deception Bay. My companion's name is Elder Sualevai. He is from American Samoa. However, he lived in Utah for a number of years, so he's my first comp that actually knows where Kaysville is! 

Last night at the airport the Mayors and Sister Tuwairua showed up to see me off. It really made my day that they did that, but it also made it harder to leave. It took all my strength to not start bawling in front of them. I spent the night with the APs at their flat, and went to the transfer meeting this morning. I was happy to see the missionaries I am close to again! And President and Sister Langeland. I am grateful that I will be here to see them off."

Ross also expressed: "I am very much at peace with what has happened. I know I'm where I'm supposed to be."

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