Monday, June 10, 2013

Weekly Update June 11, 2013

I'm shocked at how quickly this week has gone by! Elder Sualevai and I are getting along quite well, and we're working hard. We led the zone as far as number of hours finding and number of potential investigators is concerned. We're excited to follow-up with all those whom we found this week.
On Friday evening we will be having a baptism. The woman's name is Naomi. She was taught by Elders Sualevai and Malifa. Her husband is a member of the church, and she will be baptized along with her 8-year old son. Our district leader interviewed her this week, and commented that she has a very strong testimony. Very excited for Friday since this will be the fist baptism that has taken place in the area I am serving in. Elder Sualevai and I are hoping for one more baptism this month, so we're working hard and praying harder that we may accomplish this goal.
Deception Bay is lovely. Too populated, but lovely. We live about a kilometer from the bay itself. Deception Bay's name comes from the extreme tide in the bay. During the day, the tide goes out about 200-300 meters from the coast, but in the evening it comes in all the way up to the coast, and is quite deep.
Sunday was strange. It felt weird to be in a ward with hundreds of members attending, instead of a tiny branch where maybe 70 people showed up, and you knew all of them. I really miss the Isa, but I am glad to be here in D-Bay. D-Bay is part of Redcliffe ward, and there are 4 elders serving in the ward. The ward is on fire as far as missionary work is concerned. I am excited to see success here.
Elder Sualevai and I have been having some really awesome experiences together. We pray sincerely for our daily goals to be accomplished, and then have seen it happen day after day. I'm glad to be with a companion who I get along with and who is a hard worker. He's also trying to teach me to speak Samoan. We'll see how that goes!
Yesterday was a public holiday (not sure what for. Queen's birthday, I believe), so Pday was moved to today. Yesterday was also the Samoan flag day, so there was a big celebration in one of the parks in our area. What a blast! Elder Sualevai and I took advantage to talk to people at the park, and also partake of some wonderful food (we were being given food left and right! Gotta love being a missionary!). We were given so much food that we came home with 5 containers full of it! We will be feeding the zone at our pday activity....
That's it for this week. Love you all!
Elder Rosier

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