Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Weekly Update November 19, 2013

Hello again everyone!

Today is our transfer day. No changes here in Darling Heights ward. Elder McIntyre and I are still companions, and are looking forward to another transfer working hard here in Toowoomba.

This last week was a good one. We didn't have a lot of time to work at all. We spent two days out of our area. Wednesday we were able to go to the temple. I am very happy that I am in an area where I get the opportunity to attend. We spend the day with our zone in the city, and then spent the night with the missionaries in the Somerset ward, which is about halfway between Toowoomba and the city (Brisbane). Thursday we had a zone conference in Brisbane where we were able to have a long training on the Book of Mormon from our mission president. It was very insightful.

Unfortunately, that's about all I have for this week. it was a pretty dull week. We didn't have much time to work between the trip to Brisbane, and other things we had on our plates. I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving!

Elder Rosier

My letter from Ross had a little more detail and I had a chance for a brief email chat. Here are a few excerpts.

A few weeks ago, Ross asked me to send him the book "The Great Apostasy" by James E Talamage. He received the book last Thursday when he went to zone conference. Ross has always been a voracious reader, and he has expressed to me in letters, how hard it has been to not go into bookstores while on his mission, so he was quite excited to get this book. He wrote the following in his letter to me and during our email exchange:

Mum, (He has always called me that.)

Thanks again for the book. It's a good one. I'm now reading three books by Talmage: Jesus the Christ (almost done). The Articles of Faith, and The Great Apostasy. One thing he notes in the Apostasy is the Great Apostasy occurred on both sides of the world (both the bible and the Book of Mormon lands). That is one thing that, though it should have occurred to me I had never realized before.

Me: I'm smiling. When you were a little boy, you always read three books at a time. Still my little boy. : D

Ross: Ha ha. The other day, Elder Picket commented on how he has no idea how I can possibly read so many books at one time. I just laughed and said I didn't know how I do it either! When you think about it, I'm really reading five books right now: Bible, Book of Mormon, and the three by Talmage.

From my letter:

I hope you all enjoy Thanksgiving. I am going to be sad on Thursday that I am missing it again. Fortunately, the Bolands will be doing an American Thanksgiving for all the missionaries in town next Thursday. We are all very excited for that!

I am doing really well here in Toowoomba. I really enjoy the town. The weather is fantastic. It's cool and dry. When we went to the city last Wednesday, I couldn't get over how hot and humid it was in Brizzy (Brisbane). It was bad! I was sweating like a dog!

Today is our transfer P-Day. None of us Elders have been transferred. One of the sister missionaries is leaving the area. The most exciting thing, though, is we are getting a second car here! Now we will have a car for the sisters and a car for the elders! Up until now we have been sharing one car between the 8 of us...that means you'd get it maybe twice every fortnight.

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