Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Weekly Update June 4, 2014

Hello again everyone!

Great week again for Elder Bly and myself as we worked here in Cleveland.  We've been continuing to see a lot of miracles and reap a lot of blessings.  I apologize that this email is a bit late, but today was our temple p-day.  I always enjoy going to the temple.

We were able to go and see Ofa only once this week.  He's progressing really well.  He sends us text messages when he has questions for us.  He told us he reads the Book of Mormon for 30-60 minutes a day so that he's able to understand what he reads.  He's struggling a bit with the Old English, but who didn't the first time they read the Book of Mormon.  He was unable to attend church this Sunday because he was stuck out in Ipswich after a family party.  Apparently, nobody there was sober enough to give him a lift.

We had a good lesson with the Turner family this week.  I really enjoy teaching them.  They're always really engaged and attentive.  We've had to drop the baptismal dates we had for Leon and Ernie, but for a good reason.  The mum, Aria, is having her father come over from New Zealand to visit towards the end of June.  She's not sure exactly when he's coming, but asked that we wait to find out so he will be able to attend the baptism.  It's been 9 years since they last saw him.

I think the biggest miracle Elder Bly and I experienced this week occurred on Sunday evening.  We went around to visit a potential investigator we met last week (or the week before.  I'm not sure which) who had already rescheduled meeting with us.  So I'm sure you can imagine we weren't 100% certain it was going to be much of anything other than "sorry boys, I'm really not that interested."  The fella is a big Samoan-Moari guy named Niu (pronounced "new"), and we did think there was a possibility of him turning out to be a less-active member.  Fortunately, we were wrong on both counts.  Niu grew up in New Zealand attending a Samoan Methodist church.  He's been over here for the last 3 years with his family.  Niu told us that he does have some friends and family that are LDS.  He wants his children to learn about the gospel, and he wants for it to be a part of his family's life.  He mentioned that because of some things that have been going on with his family back home, he's decided he's not too keen on having the family church be the Methodist faith.  Long story short, he wants us to come around and teach the family.  We're pretty excited about this!
Anyways, that's us for this week.  Hope everyone has a good week!

Elder Rosier

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