Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Weekly Update June 17, 2014

Hello again!

This was a great week for Elder Bly and me.  I believe I mentioned in my email last week about Harrison telling us that he wanted to be baptized on Saturday the 14th, and that we were excited but not too sure if it would go through.  Well, it did!  And we were blessed to have Harrison's baptism on this past Saturday!

Another big blessing we witnessed this week was having Ofa come to church for the first time.  He had a really good experience, and was able to meet up with some friends that he has who are members of our ward.  It was really great to see that he has some good friends in the ward.  We had a couple really good lessons with him this week, in which we bumped up his baptismal date to the 28th of June.  I wish you all could have seen the look on his face as we taught him the Plan of Salvation.  Because Ofa's grown up his whole life not believing in God, he's never really had much of a belief (or hope) that there's anything more to life than our brief time here in mortality.  It was really awesome to teach him about where he came from, and that our life will continue on after we die.  You could really see him fill with hope as we taught him.  He also really enjoyed learning about the potential for our families to be eternal.  It was a great experience.

Today is the start of the last transfer of my mission.  Elder Bly and I are still together in Cleveland.  I'm really looking forward to these last six weeks.  We have a lot of really good things going for us here, so I'm excited to see what happens with the other investigators we've been teaching.

Before I end this, I would like to wish a happy Father's Day to my dad and my grandfather.  I am truly grateful for the righteous example that they have both been in my life.  I am grateful for the man who my father is.  I know no man greater than he is.  I am also grateful for my grandpa.  I feel blessed to be following in his footsteps as a missionary in Australia.  Happy Father's day!

Hope everyone has a great week!

Elder Rosier

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