Monday, January 27, 2014

Weekly Update January 28, 2014

G'day everyone!

What a fast week this one has been! A lot of good things happened to Elder 'Iongi and myself this week.  We did more finding this week than we have done all transfer, so far.  However, we were able to find a couple really solid potentials we will be seeing this week.  We had a couple lessons with our investigator, Paul, this week.  The second time we visited him he told us that he had just been diagnosed as pre-diabetic, and may already have diabetes.  After a bit of conversation about nutrition and exercise and things along those lines, we introduced the Word of Wisdom to him.  As we read from D&C 89, he would have us stop and ask questions, or sometimes just comment that he agreed with what it said.  The thing that surprised me was when we mentioned drinking tea or coffee, he admitted that was good advice!  Paul is a religious coffee drinker!  He said he can see that being a good thing because then you "aren't chained to your morning coffee."

On Wednesday evening, we (the missionaries in the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane North, Brisbane, and Cleveland Stakes) were invited to attend a "cluster meeting" that President Henderson, the mission president, was speaking at.  The cluster meeting consists of the ward councils and bishoprics of multiple stakes, and are presided over by an area authority.  There was much talk about the missionaries and the members working together.  I really enjoyed the meeting, and we received a lot of really good information we can use when we go out to challenge our members to work with us in some way.  When President Henderson began his talk, a thunderstorm hit Brisbane, and when he started speaking, you could hear the thunder in the background!  It was really cool!  I really drove home the authority that man speaks with!  Ever since this meeting, Elder 'Iongi and I have been out committing the families in our area to form Family Mission plans.  We hope to be able to work with them to accomplish the goals they set as families.  I really feel this is going to help both members and missionaries to work effectively together.

This past Sunday was Australia Day.  Our ward had a barbie yesterday (Monday) to celebrate, since it was a public holiday.  Australia Day is the celebration of Captain Cook discovering Australia.  However, the indigenous community does not celebrate Australia Day.  They have a different name for it: Invasion Day.  I think that pretty much sums up their feelings on it all.  Just thought that would be a fun fact about Oz.

I love you all! Have a great week!

Elder Rosier

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