Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Weekly Update July 16, 2013

G'day everybody!

Well, the last week of the transfer flew by. I have just returned from the transfer meeting today with my new companion, Elder Tobe. His is from a city in Japan near Tokyo.

This last week was much of the same. We visited heaps of less-active families, tracted, taught a few people. I'm really sad that I don't have much to write about this week, but nothing too out of the ordinary happened. I guess there is one thing I can mention I was really impressed with this week. The Tapuvai family's (part-member family we found tracting 2 weeks ago) oldest daughter, Aria, came to church on Sunday. She also went to youth last week. It's really awesome to see how in just two weeks time she has gotten very excited about the church again. She told us she has a friend she's going to invite to come to youth and to our lessons with her younger siblings on Tuesday and Thursday. She's also gone out of her way at school to make sure all the LDS girls there know she's a member, too. I hope that we see such excitement from her dad and her brother--the other 2 members in the family--when the football (rugby) season ends.

I'm really looking forward with excitement for this transfer! We have a massive ward mission now. A brand new ward mission leader, and a dozen new ward missionaries! Good things will definitely be happening!

Have a good week everybody! Love you!

Elder Rosier

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