Monday, May 20, 2013

Weekly Update 20 May 2013

G'day everybody! 

What a week! What a looooooong week! Elder T and I have been busy as this week! All very positive experiences, however.

During our Tuesday night trade-offs, Elder T and a brother in our branch went to go meet with a less-active member. He was not home, but his fiance was. They had a good conversation with her where they discovered that she has been wanting him to bring her to his church for a while. We're unsure why he is inactive. Apparently he was pretty active in the branch for quite a while. She asked if Elder T and I could come around and teach her about the church. We're following that up this week. He came home during the meeting, and he is apparently supportive of us teaching his fiance.

While Elder T was off on his adventure, I went with Brother J (don't know if I've mentioned him by name before or not. He's the 1st counselor in the branch presidency/young men's leader) to knock the doors of a couple different people. The first place we went, the man we came to see was not home. Our second visit was to a former investigator I was told we ought to go visit. He was home, and invited us in. He's an old bloke from Melbourne, England. He's lived in Mount Isa for quite a long time. He has a daughter who live is Cardston, Canada who is a strong member of the church. He was taught by the missionaries quite a bit over the last number of years. He was supposed to go to Canada last August to be baptized by his grandson who recently returned home from the Sydney mission. We are the first missionaries to meet with him since that was supposed to happen. He was unable to make the trip, most likely due to his health. He is a story teller, and reminds me a lot of Grandpa, particularly in the way he tells stories. Elder T and I mowed his lawn for him on Thursday. We hope to start meeting with him regularly.

To top off our week, Brother J took us out to Cloncurry so we could have to opportunity to look up the less-active members on the list that live out there. None of them live there any more. I am glad that Brother J was going to Cloncurry for a land auction because I would feel bad about wasting his time for the 240Km round-trip. We did have the opportunity to meet with the tenants of the house he owns out there. It was a really good visit. It's unfortunate we cannot meet with that family regularly, because I reckon they would be very receptive to the gospel.

Lately we have been receiving heaps of referrals from branch members, more than I've ever had in the entire 10 months I've been on the mission. I cannot begin to express my gratitude toward the Mount Isa branch for it's assistance in missionary work here. It is very difficult to be a missionary in Mount Isa, mostly because of the mines. We can only proselyte around the shiftworkers' schedules, which is very challenging. I am grateful that the branch is so willing to give us the hand that we need.

This morning Brother H (2nd counselor in the presidency. Former branch president) took us out on another 4wd adventure. This time around he took us out to Lake Julius, which is the largest body of fresh water in Queensland (or maybe just north west Queensland). It is a large man-made lake that is as large as the Sydney harbour. After checking out the lake, he took us to a little town called Kajabbi. The population in Kajabbi is roughly 15-20. It was a nice little bush town, but I'd never want to live there! Too remote! I'm really becoming a big fan of Land Rovers.

Anyway, that sums up the week quite nicely I believe. I hope everybody has a great week. Thank you once again for your love and support!

Elder Rosier

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